Special Thanks

The establishment of the IFN HSYC Program could not have happened without the guidance and
inspiration provided by many organizations and individuals. We would like to dedicate this page to thanking those individuals and organizations.

IFN Education Committee

The IFN Education Committee played an instrumental role in the creation of the HSYC Program. They have and continue to provide much needed guidance and resources. In particular we would like to thank Sister Michele Mohamed, Brother Haris Jamil, Hafiz Hamid Sibghatullah, Sister Ayesha Tanveer, Brother Nasir Ahtasha, Brother Syed Shahabuddin, and Sister Khadija Basith. May Allah Most High guide them all on the straight path and reserve them a seat in Jannah.

IFN Executive Committee

As the leaders of our masjid Brothers Qadri Abdallah, Irshad Khan, and Parvez Patel have done an amazing job. Their support to this project has been tremendous and we look forward to their continued involvement in the program. Please visit the IFN website at http://www.ifnonline.com/ for more information about what their doing for the community. May Allah Most High reward them for their hard work and give them the best of this world and the next.

The Bayyinah Institute

The Bayyinah Institute is an organization that provides high quality Arabic education for hundreds of communities all over the US and many more through their online instructional videos. Some of the classes offered by Bayyinah have been a source of inspiration for the classes under the Qur’an Department, particularly the Spirit of Salah class. For more information about the Bayyinah Institute, please visit them at bayyinah.com. May Allah increase the barakah in their efforts and make it a means for them to enter Jannatul Firdous.

The Mohammed Webb Foundation

The youth program developed by the Webb Foundation inspired the Seerah & Service class and many other components of the HSYC Program. For more information please visit them at www.mylschicago.org. May Allah Most High make their program a means for them to enter Jannah.

Finally we would like to thank all our staff and faculty who have committed countless hours of hard work and without whom there would be no HSYC Program. May Allah Most High reward them for their sacrifice and increase them in their iman.

Please keep the HSYC in your Duas.