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Administrative Assistant Program

At HSYC, we hope to train our students to become youth leaders and role models in the community. Students will attend classes for their first 2 years at HSYC, and then transition into serving as administrative/teaching assistants for the last 2 years. 75% of the current HSYC staff was once enrolled in the program as a student. We hope to teach our students the skills they will need to serve their communities in the future.

The goal of the administrative/teaching assistant program is to enable students to take an active role in teaching and administrating. Each student will select one class to serve as a teaching assistant. As a teaching assistant, their responsibilities will include lesson planning, grading, and teaching. At a minimum, the student will teach the entire class for two days during the academic year. As administrative assistants, students on a regular basis will help record attendance, record and upload lecture audio, set up snacks, and answer phone calls and emails to HSYC. In addition, the students will learn how to setup and maintain a budget, plan events, create surveys, and analyze survey data. Ultimately by serving as an administrative/teacher assistant, students will be able to return as a teachers and administrators at HSYC in future years. Students will be supervised by the HSYC Chair.